Every super agent needs a super sidekick.

Impress your clients and attract top agents with kick-ass social media content and branded posts. 

Broker Sidekick is a subscription service for brokerages who understand the power of social media and its ability to drive sales and referrals. Our agents want to save time growing their accounts and nurturing their spheres. 

Brokerages and all of their agents can have access to:

These tools are all apart of our signature system that has proven to grow accounts -- sometimes doubling followers in just a few months. The design, content, and strategy behind this growth is explained more below.

After just three months of this system: viral success. 13 million views in 7 days.

You're going to love these...

Custom-Branded Post Templates

Members receive custom-branded templates like these Keller Williams samples. We can design to fit any brand style - from large brokerage to boutique.

Posts, Carousels, Reels, + More

Brokerages and agents have the ability to edit text, photos, colors, etc, download, and publish to their social media.

Weekly New Content for Your Platforms

Fresh real estate blog articles and ready-made social posts for every design style, every week. Lacking on the social media content ideas for this week? Don't let your social media go silent! Simply copy and paste these onto your own page or website. 

This is how we get you established as an industry leader.

Weekly Content Blueprints

Once per week, our social growth expert hand-picks one social media trend that agents could use to go viral. Agents receive a detailed blueprint explaining the trend, how to replicate it, and why it works.

These content ideas are the key to driving account growth. We personally guarantee that if an agent follows the blueprint, they will see an increase in views.

Monthly Deepdives

Every month, a professional digital marketer publishes a case study masterclass that highlights moments where someone hit a home run with their marketing. We analyze influencers, businesses, and real estate professionals who have done something great.

These are mini-masterclasses that agents can use to generate ideas for their own business.

Quarterly Reports

At the end of every quarter, we release a report that summarizes that quarter's trendy content across social media, changes to digital platforms, and news that could affect your business.

With the Covid-era shift to increased online marketing, sellers and buyers are looking for agents who appear well-connected to the shifting marketing landscape. Having a poor social media presence says to potential clients and agents that a brokerage might be behind on the times.

They all think, "How can a brokerage successfully market a house if they can't market themselves?"

Put simply, in 2024, having great marketing is non-negotiable.

We don't like to compete against ourselves. We are currently only accepting one brokerage per service area.

Want to see a post template in action? Email info@brokersidekick.com for free samples!